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Your Invitees Are Pastor Castell Rolle And Marjorie Cross

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Come And Join Us For Our Jaw Dropping Testimonials On How Our Products Are Helping Others. We Will Be Speaking on Vision Impairment, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, HIV And Other Targetted Body Functions. Air Bourne Diseases Such As Covid, Common Cold, Flus And Other Environmental Discomforts.  For Any Questions You May Have, We Have The Answers For You! Invite Others To The Call To Get Their Questions Answered As Well.

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Live Saturday calls  1-717-908-1834 Pin: 297325#

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To Our Global Audience, Pastors, Jewish Rabiis, Evangelis, Missionaries, Veterans, Churches, Synagogues and other Religious Organizations, Dry Cleaning Businesses, Hair And Beauty Salons To Include Barbershops, Chamber Members, Healthcare Professionals, All Facilities And Departments, Registered Nurses, Doctors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Colleges, Sororities/Fraternities, Scouting Organizations, Firefighters/Law Enforcement Agencies, School Boards And Educational Facilities, Surrounding Communities, Families, And Friends, Transit Systems And Much More ...

We Want To Provide A Second Chance And Build Self-Esteem And Provide New Hope

For Those Who Have Been Incarcerated Who Desire A Better Future For Themselves And Family

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